If You Think Plus Size Is Not Hot Then Have A Look At These Incredibly Hot Women!


So what is the perfect version of beauty according to you? You’d say a size 8. But that version of beauty has changed my friends. Now, being larger than a size 12 is the new definition of hot. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this plus size but incredibly hot women and decide for yourself!

Here are some of the plus size incredibly hot women who are rocking the modeling world!

1. Fluvia Lucerda.

The first Brazilian plus size model who made it to the cover of the Playboy Magazine. She’s been slaying the European to Latin America Fashion Campaigns. She has no shame flaunting her curves on Instagram where she has more than 171k followers. She’s also been featured in Vogue Italy. Obviously, there’s no stopping her when it comes to her self-confidence.

plus size incredibly hot women


2. Kate Dillon.

Kate Dillon Levin is an American model, activist, and actress. But she is best known as the plus size model who was the first one to appear in the U.S. Vogue and Gucci Campaign. She appeared in several editorials in fashion magazines and cosmetics.

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3. Ashley Graham.

Ashley Graham, an American model who’s been in the news for a quite long time now. She’s been on the cover of magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. In 2016, she became the first model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And, she also recently appeared on the cover of the British Vogue.

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4. Natalie Laughlin.

One of the most recognized faces in the plus size industry. Appearing on the Billboard of Times Square, New York.

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5. Anansa Sims.

Anansa Sims Patterson is an  American Model, daughter of supermodel Beverly Johnson, she too has been in the modeling industry from an early age. Married to David Patterson, a former Atlanta Falcons player, is now the mother of three children, yet she is handling her career quite well.

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6. Silvia Rho.

The 25-year-old Korean-American model was brought up in Torrance, CA. After getting out of the army in 2007 she decided to do modeling. She’s done several modeling shows for Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Torrid, and also took part in FFFWeek Los Angeles.

plus size incredibly hot women


7. Barbara Brickner.

Barbara Brickner is now the plus size icon in the modeling industry. She has maintained a modeling career for more than 10 years. She has modeled for many plus size designers, but her most notable work has been for Italian company Elena Miro.

plus size incredibly hot women

9. Justine Legault.

Though she rose to fame very recently, her curves have been creating very strong waves in the modeling industry. The size 14 Canadian model has a long way to go.

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10. Tara Lynn.

Tara Lynn is an American model, from Seattle, Washington. She is best known as a Lingerie model for plus size clothing. But the one thing that caught everyone’s attention was getting featured on the cover of the French Elle magazine.

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11. Viktoria Manas.

Viktoria Manas is another name added to the list of incredibly hot women. She’s a Russian model who is famous for her gorgeous hourglass body shape. She has been modeling from a very young age and is now on the faces of new Lane Bryant’s ‘I’m no Angel’.

plus size incredibly hot womenvia

12. Laura Wells.

Australian plus size model Laura Wells is the most stunning and successful models to come out of Australia. She’s modeled for a number of editorials and fashion magazines.

plus size incredibly hot womenvia


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