Some Real Tragic And Heartbreaking Love Stories That Will Move You!


We all come across numerous love stories in our lives. Many are fascinated by movies and many bloom for short while. But, there are also some real heartbreaking love stories that will melt you. #4 and #8 are worth reading!

Real life love stories are usually not very beautiful as we see in fictions and movies. I feel such stories are only for books, can be imagined. But, these real heartbreaking love stories have reaffirmed that real love does exist. Every story is beautiful. You’ll love them.

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Read these heartbreaking love stories that will surely move you and restore your faith in love.

1. Never Old Enough For Love

Forrest Lunsway and Rose Pollard met in a party via friends. Forrest was widowed twice and Rose had lost her own spouse too, she had no intention of remarrying. She just wanted a companion. Though they lived 64 kilometres apart, they met see each other regularly. For the next two decades, Forrest would often drive to Rose and take her on a date and then drive her home.

In 2003, Forrest moved in with Rose in Capistrano Beach and proposed her. Rose didn’t take him seriously as they were too old. She jokingly agreed to marry him when he turned 100. For Forrest it wasn’t joke, and on his hundredth birthday the couple got married at their local Community Centre on Forrest’s 100th birthday. A beautiful nearby hotel gifted a free honeymoon ocean-view room. Even President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama sent well wishes to them. It is really amazing to see such couples who have been through heartbreaking love stories.

heartbreaking love stories


2. First Kiss That Lasted Forever

Carol Harris and George Raynes knew each other from third grade when they had done a play together having their first kiss. George then moved from Saint John, New Brunswick to Toronto, Ontario after high school. There he got married and raised a family.

61 years later, he lost his wife and decided to revisit his old stomping grounds in Saint John, and there, Carol and George met again and quickly became close friends. A romance blossomed, and George proposed to Carol. Sound like a fairy tale, right?

heartbreaking love stories


3. Real Life Movie

Jack had the habit of keeping a journal when he was a child, and he kept up the practice throughout his life. Jack met Phyllis Potter on October 4, 1941, and portrayed their romance in his diary pages. Jack liked her from the moment he met her. He wrote in his diary: “Very nice evening. Danced with [a] very nice girl. Hope I meet her again.”

16 months later they got married and lived in Kent, England for over half a century. Eventually Phyllis’s dementia took a deep hold on her life. And, she had to move into a nursing home. But, that did not prevent Jack of his love for her. He visits her everyday and reads his diary to her. He reminds her of their family and pets with photographs. The best part is, Phyllis hasn’t forgotten how much she loves Jack. She’s always overjoyed when he arrives to see her. The two have now been married for 70 years. Don’t you feel that it is one of the most sweet and heartbreaking love stories?

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