Some Real Tragic And Heartbreaking Love Stories That Will Move You!


4. Separation of 60 Years

This is one of the most heartbreaking love stories. Anna Kozlov and Boris had to depart only 3 days after their marriage. Anna’s husband went off to fight in the Red Army and she waited for his return. And, during Boris’s absence, Stalin exiled Anna and her family to Siberia, and she couldn’t even leave a message for her husband. Boris spent years looking for her. The two shared a hometown, but Anna was not allowed to visit it, and they completely lost contact.

Anna was so distressed that she seriously planned suicide. Her mother then destroyed all mementos like the wedding photographs and letters that made her sad. She finally remarried. Boris also did the same. But years later, both lost their spouses. After a gap of 60 years, Anna managed to visit their shared hometown in Borovlyanka when she saw an elderly man in the distance. Yes, it was Boris. He had come to the village to visit his parents’ burial site, and when he noticed Anna, he ran up to her. Just like in true fairytale fashion, they had a second wedding.

heartbreaking love stories


5. Longest Married Couple 

Ann, born to Syrian immigrants, was and John grew up in the same neighborhood. The two were friends from high school days when he would pick her up and take her to their Connecticut school. Ann’s parents weren’t happy with the blossoming romance. Her father almost planned her marriage to someone 20 years her senior.

Refusing to give up on love, in 1932 both ran away to New York City. Everyone thought young love wouldn’t last much. On November 24, 2013, they celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary. John, 102, and Ann, 98, are considered as the longest married couple in the US.

6. Born, Loved And Died Together

Les Brown Jr. and Helen were both born on December 31, 1918. They met in high school and fell in love. Les came from upper class while Helen’s family was working class. Their parents disapproved of their young love. So, they eloped as they left high school at 18.

They lived in Southern California and raised a family. They spent their days together and were an active and healthy couple even in their 90s. Later Helen fell sick with stomach cancer and Les suffered with Parkinson’s disease. After 75 years of marriage, Helen died on July 16, 2013. Les passed on the next day.

heartbreaking love stories



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