12 Reasons Why Men Deserve the “Crazy” Title More Than Women!


Men never miss a chance to take down women by calling them crazy. But do women realize that men deserve to be called crazy more than them? It’s pretty funny when they call women crazy since men are the ones that make no sense.

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Here are 12 reasons why men deserve the “Crazy” title a whole lot more than we women do!

1.They chase women for weeks and when they get them, they’re over it. 

The speed from which they go from loving to us getting bored of us is more than light. One day they’re head over heels in love with us and the moment we fall for them, they are over us. Men deserve to be called crazy rather calling women.

men deserve crazy women

2.They will pretend to be in love when they are really not! 

We get it that you don’t really love us but want to get laid. But, depending on your reaction to our confusion as we slowly figure out your game you might be pretty twisted too.

men deserve crazy women

3.When you want commitment, they want space.

When things are fine are you want commitments from them, they will instantly need their space and freedom. They will say they love you but on the other hand is not ready for the commitments. What is love with commitment?

men deserve crazy women


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