Here Are 12 Most Dangerous Roads Of The World. Would You Dare To Drive On These?


Don’t we all love long drive? Of course, we all do. Imagine going on a long drive with your loved ones and feel the wind against your face. But sometimes some dangerous roads are less taken for a reason. Just the thought of driving on these dangerous roads will make you car sick!

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Buckle up because we have noted down 12 most dangerous roads in the world that will make you think twice before going on a drive.

1.Guoliang Tunnel, China 

The meaning of Guoliang Tunnel is “The road that doesn’t tolerate any mistakes”. It one of the steepest roads in the world, and has become one of the area’s top tourist attractions to be visited on foot. The 1200-meter long tunnel literally goes right through this mountain and is 15ft high and 12ft wide.

Drive on dangerous roads

2.Zoji La, India 

This was basically built to connect Kashmir and Ladakh. It’s extremely narrow and rocky.

Drive on dangerous roads

3.Khardung La, India 

Guinness World Records and National Geographic declared that this is the tallest pass road in the world. There are a lot of road slides here and you need to be extremely careful while driving here.

Drive on dangerous roads


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