Reasons Why Second Love is More Successful than First One


There’s no denying the historical adage that nothing beats the feeling you get when you are in love for the first time. The ceaseless fluttering of butterflies, the rush of adrenaline, oh just how marvellous it is to be young and in love for the first time!


We expect our first love to be something straight out of romcom novels and ballads, but reality is never like ‘The Notebook’ or ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. Being a novice in a relationship means sometimes one will stumble upon roadblocks and other times it will be dead end.


Life doesn’t stops at dead ends though. What will rise out of the ashes of your failed love and heart ache can be something miraculously beautiful as well.


Restoring Your Faith


Falling in love again defies all those age old sayings of one true love. When your heart beats for love again, you feel rejuvenated because you never thought this would happen again. It refills your heart with all the possibilities and probabilities that comes with a relationship and makes you believe in love and happily ever after again.

Maturity Brings Stability


A stable mind is the base of contributing towards a relationship in a healthy manner. Maturity allows you to gain perspective and helps you in taking better decisions while letting go of minor issues that might cause misunderstandings.

With maturity, comes experience that arms you with valuable expertise to use both your brain and your heart in solving issues and contributing towards a balanced relationship.

Prioritising Yourself


Chances are when you entered into your first relationship, your primary goal was to do what was good for your relationship, irrespective of whether it was good for your own self or not.

A broken heart teaches you to indulge in self care. Knowing who you are, what you want and what you can contribute in a relationship means that you can find a significant other that perfectly completes the puzzle you half fill.

Ready For Anything

If your first love didn’t worked out, chances of it ending in a good note is pretty much slim. Having seen the worst in a relationship, prepares your heart to lower its expectations and be content and happy with minimal things.


With your second love, you are more brave as you know that even if it doesn’t works out, you’ll bounce back easily.



Two mature people who took the challenge of loving each other, not out of dependency but out of sheer love and respect can hardly go wrong in a relationship. Your second love isn’t a roller coaster of emotions like your first one. This relationship holds the core keys of success in the form of mutual understanding, respect and space.

There’s a difference between being in love and loving someone for the sake of being with them and with your second love you can definitely see that.


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