12 Reasons Why Are You Still Single Even Though You’re A Catch


Why you’re still single even though you know you’re a catch – a question you’ve asked yourself plenty of times. You always want to know the reasons why you’re still single, don’t you? Your friends are always telling you that you’re a catch and the best thing that can happen to someone but you are still single. There’s always that tiny voice in the back of every woman’s mind that says, “I’m awesome. Why can’t men see that?”

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Well, you might want the reasons why it’s actually difficult to be a catch and land a man at the same time. We have the answer for your question! Check why you’re still single!

1.You have an intimidating confidence.
It’s true! Even the smartest of men will second guess themselves before even daring to approach a woman with such confidence.

Single you’re a catch

2.You don’t want to settle so soon.
One of the real reasons why you’re still single! The ones thinking to settle are the ones running out of time to find something real and those who think true love is not meant for them. However, that’s not the case for you. You know he’s out there and you’re not settling for anything less than you deserve.

reasons why still Single you’re a catch

3.You are not yet ready.
Why push yourself into something that you’re not yet sure about?

single you're a catch


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