6 Interesting Love Stories Of Couples Who Found Love On Social Media!


Love! The special feeling that makes your heart swing for someone about whom you get crazy. And these cute stories about couples who found love on social media are not less crazy. You’ll just love reading the stories of these couples!

Love is that tingling feeling which makes you go weak on your knees at times. And, sometimes makes you do things you never even think of. Social media has, no doubt, given an amazing platform for knowing and interacting with people with similar likes and interests, but finding true love on social media is not something that happens every day. Believe it or not but there are couples who made it to forever.

couples, love on social media


Here are 6 Interesting Love Stories Of Couples Who Found Love On Social Media:

1. Robin Coe, 34, and Matthew Fleming, 34

Robin and Matthew met in 2011 on Instagram and fell for each other. They got married on May 10th, 2013. Robin had joined Instagram to connect with new and interesting people. She soon started following Matthew, an avid cyclist who used to document his bike rides.

One day after Robin commented on a photo of Matthew that had a sun-filled California road. Soon he responded back on her snow-filled pics. After few more comments, Matthew asked Robin to email him. As they were knowing each other on Instagram now, Robin also didn’t hesitate to get in touch. Slowly they started e-mailing, chatting and Skyped even for months. Then finally she left her snowy hometown behind and moved to California. Then they got engaged and married. Their engagement announcement post on Instagram had got more than 10,000 likes!

Robin confesses that it was Instagram that took her out of her comfort zone, and added some spontaneity in her life. “If I hadn’t been on Instagram, we wouldn’t have connected; it opened me up to seeing other people’s adventures, and carrying those people around in my pocket.” This beautiful couple found love on social media.

 One of the dream couples, indeed!couples, love on social media

2. Jamie Shupak, 32, and Brian Stelter, 28
Brian  and Jamie met in December 2010 on Twitter and got married on February 22, 2014.

Jamie, a traffic reporter in New York City, used to tweet about the traffic jams as part of her job for local news channel NY1. During a huge snowstorm in 2010, Jamie’s tweets about the road closure caused by the snow dumped on the city were caught by Brian, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, who was home for the holidays.

The retweets made him check out her profile, and he got fascinated by her cuteness. Without delay, he direct messaged her and in a few weeks, they dated. They became tweethearts in no time. Oops! Sweethearts. And in February 2014, both got married.

couples, love on social media



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