Relatable Adulthood Comics That Depict The Truth Of Life


Webcomics have been in trend for a long time and especially relatable adulthood comics! They are funny, smart, sarcastic and you can totally relate them with your daily life. Everybody around the world knows relatable adulthood comics are sometimes sarcastic stories in pictures that give you a reality check about the truth of life and make you cringe. Over the past, a ton of great Webcomics was uploaded to the Internet but these relatable adulthood comics by Mari Andrew on her Instagram are amazing. Andrew is an illustrator/ writer based in Washington D.C and has more than 300k followers on her Instagram. She is an amazing writer who inspires people and depicts the sad truth of life.

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Below are some of her relatable adulthood comics depicting truth of life from Mari Andrew’s Instagram that will make you fall in love with her!

1.Family = friends. I have no children that I know of.

Relatable adulthood comics

2.Thanks, Obama!

Relatable adulthood comics

3.These are few things that will keep you warm and happy!

Relatable adulthood comics

4.This is so true!

Relatable adulthood comics 


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