12 Absolute Hilarious And Relatable Illustrations About Life As A Young Mother


As a young mother the adventures you are about to endure, when you will start losing friends, nobody wanting a young mother with a baby at their slumber party and the hardest part of being a young mother is the misconception and stigmatization from society. Maybe it’s difficult to understand, but it’s not okay to bully or isolate these young mothers, in fact, we should be encouraging young people to understand the impact of this. Negativity leads to discouragement, hopelessness, and a severe lack of confidence. What a young mother need is some positivityLearning how to be a mother is a lesson learned in its own course. These relatable illustrations will share a young mother’s feelings.

The most challenging part is not becoming a young mother, or committing to wifehood, or maturing into adulthood, but doing all three things at once. A young mom’s life is definitely topsy-turvy with the baby’s poop all over, the changing of nappies, wake-up time is anytime, the first $3x after birth, all these relatable issues are depicted in a hilarious way in comic form, by two  illustrator Ingebritt ter Veld and Corinne de Vries, who had babies shortly after one another. Their pregnancies and first months as the young mother’s inspired these cartoons.

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These relatable illustrations depict the reality of motherhood, with all it’s  painful, funny and loving moments.



young mother



young mother 


young mother


young mother


young mother


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