Here’s How You Can Remove Dental Plaque Using These Easy Steps!


One of the nastiest things that you need to deal every morning is the dental plaque. Not everyone one us (especially me!) has a habit of brushing our teeth at night. And it is really not surprising to wake up with a plaque. But c’mon people just because you feel too lazy to brush your teeth twice a day mean that you have to deal with this. So, to put an end to this problem I’ve put up this article for you, Now follow these easy steps to remove dental plaque!

remove dental plaque


But before we proceed, first thing’s first, What is Dental Plaque?

remove dental plaquevia

Plaque is the yellowish layer that is created between our teeth by food attaching to the tooth surface. Now many of us get confused between plaque and tartar. But seriously, these two are not same. Tartar is a hardened layer of plaque which attaches to the tooth enamel.

For a DIY you will need these things!

remove dental plaquevia

Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, tartar and plaque control mouthwash, baking soda, 3% hydrogen peroxide.


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