12 People Reveal The Funniest Thing A Kid Has Said To Them!


Kids can be really weird sometimes. But c’mon they’re just kids, and being weirdly funny is what they do best. But there are times when they can use their imagination way beyond our capacity and come up with something really hilarious. These people here reveal the funniest thing a kid has ever said to them!

Here are 12 confessions from people about the funniest thing a kid has ever said to them!

1. When I was her age I used to make mud pies.

We went to a national trust place where there was a bee keeper and a falconer. Later that day she went round telling people she new all about the birds and the bees now. She was about four at the time.


funniest thing a kid has said


2. It’s there hun :’)

One day my then-4 year old comes to me after a trip to the bathroom and says “Mom, I made a big mistake. I’m sorry.” I ask “What did you do?” She says “I stuck my finger in my butthole and I shouldn’t have. I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS POOP IN THERE!!!”

I’ve never laughed so hard.


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3. Here comes the Ice Age!


My little cousin saw me looking through a National Geographic magazine with woolly mammoths on the cover. Questions ensue and I explain that they are extinct animals who lived a long time ago. Little cousin then asks me, “Was Grandpa alive when woolly mammoths were?”

Not quite!


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4. Damn the Cat!

My cat ran into a tv table and knocked it over and runs as fast as he can to another room, my 7-year-old just looks at me and says “that damn cat”. It was so hard not to laugh, I did chuckle a bit as I told him damn wasn’t a word for kids to use.

He cracks me up. It’s like living with a tiny old man.


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5. Uh Oh! 

Four year old at dinner table crying hysterically. Asked what’s wrong and he says “a fly just pooped on my corn!!!” I looked at it and realized it was only pepper… 

It took hours to calm him and years to convince him that pepper is not fly poop.


6. Looks like someone’s in a hurry!

I was about 7 months pregnant. My then 2 year old went down for a nap. While she was sleeping, my friend came over with her 5 month old baby My 2 year old woke up, saw the baby, looked at me, and said, “Your baby came out?”


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7. Cute Kid!

My kids are grown now, but we still laugh about these. First, when our family was on vacation, there was a wind storm raging late one night. My step daughter, about 7 at the time, walked into our room and asked if it was a “tomato”. It was so innocently hilarious.


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8. Funniest thing ever! No kid not for you!

My son was about 5 I took him into the ladies room with me, he didn’t have to go so I picked a stall at the end where he could stand outside next to the door so I could see his feet. From outside my door I hear. “Mom, can I have a quarter?” For what? I asked? He says “I have to blow my nose, and this thing sells ‘napkins’ for a quarter”, then proceeded to exclaim, “they must be BIG napkins the slot is huge for them.” Every woman in the bathroom was cracking up…


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9. I can’t help but crack up! ROFL!

Kindergartener is holding a book of current professional hockey players. “Mr. K, look, this guy was born in 1985 and he’s still ALIVE!”

– Jonathan

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10. I love this kid. <3

My then 3 year old daughter asked me for a toy, and at that point, I didn’t have the money for one. I asked her for a million dollars. She handed me eight quarters from our laundry money and said, “Here you go mommy.”

– Hope


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11. Now that is the funniest thing that’ll calm you right away!

My son, when he was about four, saw that I was getting agitated. I don’t remember what it was about, but he goes “Mommy is getting p-i-s-t!”….

I couldn’t help but laugh and it stopped me from being “pist”.


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12. This is creepy!

When my niece was 3 or 4 she would end every sentence with “and then you’ll die” while making a motion with her finger (similar to Danny’s redrum in The Shining). No idea where she got this phrase from.


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