These People Will Probably Never Shop Online Again


Shopping is fun, especially if you are shopping clothes, shoes or fashion accessories. However, it is enjoyable only when you are doing it yourself and in shopping centers. Whether you are buying online or ordering someone else to get you an outfit, it can result in a disaster. If you order a garment for father online, there are chances that it will end up being much bigger than what was needed. If you are ordering yourself, but over the phone or internet through ecommerce sites, there is a risk of the garment not fitting you. In fact, it is not just the aspect of not fitting your body; things bought over the internet have been hilariously small or big in size or have ended up completely different things than ordered. Such happenings are not rare. There are many people who end up receiving small size shoes from ecommerce sites. The size may, in fact, sometimes be hilariously small.

Indeed, someone did order a pair of Adidas shoes and ended up getting a pair of baby shoes. Someone had ordered a cape online, but when the order was delivered it was found to be a sweater. Just imagine the pain of using a sweater as a cape!

At times, online shopping experience can really become hilarious and disturbing. Someone ordering a pair of nice Halloween costume boots over the internet coming up with a pair of toy shoes is not just a big joke, but also a disturbing experience. In fact, such experiences repel people from online sites that make such blunders.

A mother buys a shirt for her daughter and comes home happy to show it to her. However, upon observing the pattern on the shirt she suffers from a shock of her lifetime. The pattern on the fabric depicts something akin to a – well, adult graphics. What a cruel joke!

Need a good laugh? Checkout some of the hilarious online shopping fail experiences below.


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