12 Signs That You Are Incorrectly Washing Hair Causing Damages


As it is mentioned somewhere that it’s Glory for a Woman to have long Hair,  Women’s hair is considered as one of the most prominent and important aspects of her physical appearance. They all have a choice to do whatever they want with it dye it, cut it short, go bald, curl it or straighten it. But having it requires proper nurture and maintenance You might do it nearly every day but here’s something surprising, you might not really know the right way of washing Hair and could damage it without realizing.

Here are some tips that one must consider while Washing Hair, which will save it from disaster.

1. Towel Drying

Never rub your hair with a regular Towel it can lead to hair breakage and cause frizziness. Always blot your hair with a soft cloth or t-shirt instead of rubbing it dry after a Wash.

washing hair


2. Oiling before Shampoo

Massage hair oil to the scalp 2 – 3 hours before Washing. Shampoos consist of harsh ingredients that can strip crucial oil from the hair strands and Oiling prevents it from happening.



3. Detangle

Always detangle your hair before Washing because when hair is wet it’s difficult to detangle the hair knots.




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