Regretting After Buying Small Size Shoes? Here Are The Techniques To Stop Your Shoes From Hurting.


It can be heartbreaking when your realize the shoes your ordered are actually small in size and they are your favorites and it’s too late to return. So what do you do? Either you prefer hurting your foot or just throw it away. And it’s not only for the small size, even the new pairs that fit perfectly can give you a painful experience. But you don’t have to live with the blisters, there are several techniques you can do to stop your feet from hurting.

Say no to shoe bites and stop hurting your feet. Use these techniques to keep your feet healthy and happy!

1. Take it slow and steady

Don’t wear your new shoes for an entire day. It will cause more irritation as the new ones are always little tight.

techniques if shoes are hurting

2. Baby powder

Using a baby powder is one of the best techniques people use. It’s a great way to reduce friction between your feet and shoes. Sprinkle some powder into your pumps before putting them on. This also works well when you’re not wearing any socks but before you apply powder, make sure your feet are completely dry.

techniques if shoes are hurting

3. Band-Aids

This most common and obvious solution to the problem and it works perfectly. Applying band-aids to your hot spots before leaving the house will reduce friction and prevent blisters from forming on your feet.

techniques if shoes are hurting


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