Fail: 12 Stupidest Picks Of People Who Were Caught Lying On Facebook


Few people are such phonies that they clearly need a heavy dose of common sense.

Here are our 12 stupidest picks of people who caught lying on facebook:

1)  This genius is in a relationship with a Supermodel

The guy is definitely busted on facebook. The internet should thank his friend for bringing this guy back to planet Earth. We do hope that he has landed safely.

Pic: The message

people lying on facebook


2) Yes, I have never used photo editing apps in my life.

Despos will sit back, wonder and secretly hope that this woman is as beautiful as she appears in the picture. Now if they add some common sense to the hope, they will realize that she is surely lying.

Pic: Lying gone wrong. 

people lying on facebook


3) If I say that I am not lying, you better believe me.

Here is a macho guy who is dumb enough to announce that he doesn’t photoshop his pictures. An appeal to the handsome guy- Dump your lies in the garbage.

Pic: The message below:

people lying on facebook


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