12 Social Media Struggles That You Face Everyday


Social media is like our basic need today. You’ve got all kinds of social platforms where you can share your experiences and events with your friends, family and strangers. Yes, strangers. Followers on Instagram, followers on Twitter, followers on Snapchat, followers on Tumblr, followers on Quora, subscribers on YouTube, and, also some strange friends on Facebook . It’s all out in the open now. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows, is it?

Here’s a list of some struggles that every person active on social media has to go through:

1. Inside Joke

This is not an uncommon occurrence where two people start a random chat on your post about something that happened to them. Well, guys

social media struggles


    2. Accidents do happen.

You are surfing someone’s timeline. You’ve gone too far deep into the person’s timeline. You then, accidentally click the like button. Sounds familiar? Yeah, it does. Do not live in denial, bruh! We’ll call it the “oh f*ck” movement.

social media


    3. Celebration time.

A friend got a promotion. Someone got married. Everyone else is going places. They are posting the updates live to your timeline. You just want to forget about it all. What do you do?

social media



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