Somebody Imagines Vintage Cameras Having Profiles On Instagram.


Who isn’t familiar with Instagram? I mean, expect people like me who don’t find an interest in clicking pictures of every little thing that we do and upload it on social media. But, that’s a topic for another discussion. But, let’s face it, whenever we do upload a picture to make it our profile picture we make sure that it’s the best that we have. So, what do we do, we try out millions of poses and find the best one for uploading. But, have you wondered what it would be like if the perfect cameras that you use for clicking that perfect pictures had Instagram profiles of their own? Yep, somebody imagined these vintage Cameras having their own profiles on Instagram and we have to say, we are definitely impressed!

Jurgen Novotny is working on a project named Camera Selfies where he portrays how would it look like if the Vintage Cameras had their own profiles on Instagram!

Jurgen believes that every Analog Camera has its own personality and they deserve to be portrayed as unique individuals because every engineer that designs this unique model put into them their soul and uniqueness. And what is a better platform to portray your best self than on Instagram, so he pictures them portraying themselves on the background of contemporary wallpapers.

1. Ihagee/Veb Pentacon Elbaflex, classics never go out of style.

2. The Krasnogorsky Mechanicheskiy Zavod Horizon.
3. This is the Leica Iii.

4. This beauty is called Nikon F Photomic.

5. Definitely not your cup of tea, but this is the Rollei 35SE.

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6. This looks more like a record player than a camera doesn’t it? Tower Automatic 127.

7. This looks so pretty, Zeiss Icon Movicon 8.
8. Hasselblad 503 Cx.
9. The Nikon F.

10. Olympus Om2.


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