You Will Be Amazed To Find Out Why These Teenagers Said No To Social Media



Why These Teens Said No To Social Media ?

Teens Said No To Social Media

Social media has become the most important part in the life of Today’s teenager . Almost all of teens are addicted to the social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They can forget anything but they never forget to update their profile picture on Facebook. The social media sites are full of celebrations and wishes and out of them , mostly are the teens who never celebrates in real life.

You might get surprised to know that still there are some teenagers who do not want  to have maximum likes on their picture on Facebook but wants to spend some time with their family , friends, and other loved ones to enjoy their life truly. Social media is just a fake world for them.


Teens Said No To Social Media

The name of one of those teens is Brian O’Neill of Washington whose age is 14 . All of his friends are on  Facebook or Instagram and craving for likes but he decides to stay out of it. He said “I don’t need social media to stay in touch,


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