8 Reasons You Should Thank ‘Them’ For The Heartbreak


Break-ups are never easy to handle. The very person you had imagined to be with, forever, is no longer with you. The pain induced by a heartbreak can suck every bit of energy and positivity out of you. It might feel like your world has shattered to  a million pieces. But what’s gone is gone and you can only learn for better from where it ends. Break-ups can be very difficult to handle, but there are a few good things that can come from your break-up.

So here are a few reasons why  you should thank  ‘them’ for the heartbreak that they gave you:

1. It made you stronger.

Thank 'Them' For The Break-Ups
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What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. You now know that you can be strong enough to move on from one chapter of life to another. It’s okay if you still think about them from time to time but you know for sure that you are not going back. Goodbyes were never easy but you still survived it.

2. Happiness isn’t just one person anymore.

Thank 'Them' For The Break-Ups
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While in a relationship, you were stupid enough to believe that what makes them happy will make you happy. Don’t tell me you never gave in to their choices even when you were not okay with it, just for the sake of their happiness. But you have now realized that it’s high time you lived for yourself. There are a lot of things that can make you smile other than just “being with them”.

3. You realize your own worth.

Thank 'Them' For The Break-Ups
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You realize that you deserve a lot better. All those things they hated about you, all those habits they asked you to change- trust me, you need not. Nobody is perfect, neither were you. If they could not handle your flaws, they don’t deserve you. What they could not see in you is entirely their loss. Sure it sucks, but someday there will be someone who will appreciate every small detail about you.


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