Secrets To Wonderful Stories Of People Living Over 100 Years Old


Human being always has a desire to enjoy a happy and prosperous long life. And, when life is filled with joys, the number of days you live seems to be less always. You want more! Certainly, there are tried and tested secrets that can help people live a longer life which includes good food and a stress-free life. Read out these wonderful stories of people living over 100 years.

Though death is the ultimate truth of life, yet you can surely try to live a longer life with proper diet, exercises, and managing stress. It all depends on you. Either you fill your days with life or just breath and count on days. People living for more than 100 years have vested their lives in the following ways.

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Read these stories of people living more than 100 years. You’ll feel simple living is the best way to life.

 1. Ana Vela-Rubio

Ana Maria Vela-Rubio was born on October 29, 1901 in Puente Genil. She is the oldest lady in Spain. She was in love with a guy whom her parents didn’t approve. Ana moved to Barcelona with him in 1950. They have three children but they didn’t ever marry. Only love is enough for people living longer.

People living, 100 years, stories


2. Nabi Tajima

Nabi Tajima is the oldest person to live in Japan and the third oldest in the world. She was on August 4, 1900. Tajima is currently living in Kikai, also known as Wan village. She had more than 140 descendants, including great-great-great grandchildren by September 2015. Healthy food really matters.

People living, 100 years, stories


3. Marie-Josephine Gaudette

Few stories become popular at some instants. Marie, also known as Sister Cecilia, is an American-born Italian nun. She was born on March 25, 1902 in Manchester, New Hampshire, is known as the oldest living American-born US citizen. Marie has spent her life in Canada and France, teaching art and music. During the 2008 US Presidential election, Marie came to everyone’s notice being one of the oldest voters.

People living, 100 years, stories



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