Secrets To Wonderful Stories Of People Living Over 100 Years Old

10. Duranord Veillard
Duranord Veillard,  a resident of New York, begins his day with oatmeal, fruit, and a cup of tea and ends with fish and vegetables. He has always been doing pushups every morning, until today. He celebrated his latest birthday in February with his wife of 82 years, Jeanne, who turned 105 in May.
People living, 100 years, stories
11. Susannah Mushatt Jones
Susannah Mushatt Jones reached the age of 116 in July 2015. She is world’s oldest living person according to a statement from Guinness World Records. She credits her long life to proper sleep and a steady diet of bacon, eggs, and grits for breakfast.
People living, 100 years, stories
12. Misao Okawa
Okawa died in April 2015 after living for 117 years. She credited the reason of her long life to sushi, eight hours of sleep each night and relaxation. Japan is believed to have a maximum number of people who live over 100 years because of a low-fat diet, sushi and fish.
People living, 100 years, stories


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