7 Most Disturbing And Strange Deaths During The Olympics Games!


Olympics is all about getting together and celebrating athleticism. It is about celebrating sports and giving a huge platform to the most deserving. For such a big event, it takes lots of time to prepare for – several months. Even athletes prepare for years to win big. There is always live coverage of the games and media seems to cover each and every good moment during Olympics.  What about the brutal and disturbing ones like sudden deaths in Olympics. Well, we are here to cover those for you.

Look out for these for most disturbing deaths in Olympics :

1. Nicolas Bochatay.

Before qualifying for the 1992 Albertville winter Olympics in France, Bochatay was the 1991 Swiss Speed Skiing champion. He was considered the best and could go at the speed of 130 MPH down the ski-slope. He placed 13 in the men’s race while at the games. On February 22, while practicing with a teammate and Three Us skiers, he was involved in a fatal accident. The group had already practiced three times, but on the last run, while catching air off a bump on a run, Bochatay landed directly in front of snow groomer and was killed instantly.One of the most disturbing deaths in Olympics.

Olympic Deaths


2. Sochi Street Dogs.

During the 2014 Sochi winter games, there were many improvements made to spruce up the city before athletes and fans arrived. Unfortunately, one of these improvements involved the ugly mass killing of the stray dogs in Sochi. They claimed that the destruction of animals was not to be the part of the preparation for the event and  hired a company that referred the stray as the biological trash.

They started to poison and kill as many dogs possible before the event begins. Several thousand of dogs were killed before Oleg Deripaska one of the richest men in Russia decided to open a shelter for the stray dogs, where they were fed and taken care of.

Olympic Deaths


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