Survivor From Titanic Claims That Iceberg Was Not The Reason Behind Sinking!


Titanic was the first big cruiser that came to existence and at the time it was released the craze was real. We all know it was short lived and what happened with the large ship. It sunk to the bottom of the sea and was never found. There were many casualties and many who survived to tell the tale of the sinking the biggest ship ever made at the time. What everyone knows about the ship although is that it sunk after it collided to a huge iceberg and all the chaos happened right after the collision. Recently, a survivor has revealed shocking details about the sinking that has challenged years of research. If what he claims is true, it could change the history and the way an event happened.

Below is what this survivor has to say about Titanic sinking:

Vaghinak Byurat is the name of the survivor who has a different version of the story.


He is a survivor of the incident and one of the few people who saw the incident with their own eyes and lived to tell the tale.

Byurat is one of the most educated people who represented educated people of Constantinople.


He saw the Titanic movie in theaters to see how movies depicted the version he saw for himself.

To his shock, the incident was reported differently.

The movie showed that the ship sunk after getting hit by an iceberg.

But, Vaghinak disagreed and told that his version is different.


According to the interviews he gave, he didn’t even mention an iceberg!

He talked about an explosion on the ship.


And that this was the explosion that led to the sinking.

At first, no one believed him…

His claims were though supported by other survivors who also agreed to what Vaghinak said.

They even said there were 2-4 explosions on the ship.

And only after that did the ship sink.

Also, the ship didn’t just explode after hitting the iceberg.

It kept running after a small explosion for around 60 minutes and after that, it sank.

Researchers support the theory as well and with evidence.


When Titanic was made engineers didn’t know the effects of electrolysis and hence didn’t give much attention to the first small explosion.

Little did they know that this effect could lead up to a huge explosion that could break the ship in two parts.


They also suggest that if the lights would be turned off after the first explosion, the ship wouldn’t have wrecked and stayed afloat. The fire started in the ship’s boiler rooms and was neglected as well.


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