The Couples Who Fight A Lot Are The Ones Likely To Stay Together For Long!


Relationships aren’t always a bed of roses. There are good days and then there are bad days, some days can get so worse that you might feel like calling it quits. But, you don’t, cause you to love the person very dearly. People think that couples who fight a lot aren’t healthy for each other and should go their separate ways. But the reality is a little different. Scientists have found the couples who fight a lot, are madly in love with each other and tend to stay together for a long time.

Fighting is really an important part of a relationship, and the couples who fight a lot tend to stay together for a long time!

1. Fighting with your partner will take the boredom out of the relationship.



Well, after a certain time the nicest of relationships tend to become boring. Fighting really helps to take the boredom out of the relationship. It is not always possible that you agree with whatever your partner says, and hence it makes the relationship more exciting!

2. It paves a way for your passion.


We only tend to fight with the ones we love. And sometimes these fights tend to reveal how passionate we are about our partner. Since some fights lead to a very passionate making up.

3. Fighting will help you stay together.


Avoid and ignoring the problems that you’re having is not a wise choice. Some may think that this will maintain peace in their relationships. But this isn’t really true. Sometimes avoiding fights may cause the gap to widen and sooner or later lead to a breakup.

4. It clears the feeling of resentment.


Sometimes when we don’t tend to stand our ground and do whatever we think is right, a feeling of resentment tends to build up within. And it only gets worse for the longer period of time that we’re quite. Fighting with your partner and clearing it out helps and lot in this regard.

5. It helps you to get to know your partner better.


Conflicts often tend to reveal the true nature of someone. So, with fights you can learn a lot more about your partner and this also helps you to deal with the true nature of your partner.

6. Fighting helps couples to build a stronger relationship.


Healthy fights have more constructive effects on a relationship because it exposes the areas where they need to work upon. If a couple never argues it means that they don’t communicate enough to have a problem.

7. It helps couples communicate better.


Fighting definitely enhances communication among the partners. It is never wise to keep quiet about the things that are bothering you about your partner. Confronting your partner about them and clearing things out is a better decision.

8. Fighting means that you actually care.


Taking a blind eye to your partner’s habits mean that you couldn’t care less about their ill habits and things that really tend to bother you. But, when partners tend to confront and discuss the things that they don’t like it means that they are putting efforts into the relationship.

9. Your relationship will only mature with fights.


Immaturity isn’t was causes the couples to fighting. Rather mature relationship has the habit of fighting and clearing out whatever that is getting in the way of their love.

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