The New Avengers Video Game Is Weirding Out The Internet


Avengers Endgame just ended the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s phase 4 and since then people have been wanting more and more of the superheroes on screen. Endgame just marked itself in the hearts of fans. And all the superheroes are now like some people to be followed even in real life outside of the MCU. From all that the best way that seems to keep the fans giving more and more of the Avengers is by giving them something that they can use daily and interact with so they never get bored and always stay in the loop. Movies cannot be definitely produced that easily and not even cartoon series can last that long. So, Marvel will release a video game of it in the future which aims at fans to get more action from their favorite superheroes.

Below is the reason why the new Avengers Video Game is weirding out the internet:

The Game is Knows as Marvel’s Avengers.



That’s the best name after all, what were you expecting a game with that specific set of characters to be named?

This was revealed at E3 2019.

E3 is a gaming event where game developers launch/discuss their games and their projects.

The game project was announced back in E3 2017.

And people have been waiting for it ever since.

Now, we finally have the first look and release date.

The game will be released on 15 May 2020 by Square Enix and Marvel.

Fans have a problem with this!


Apparently, people expected the games to have the real Avenger’s avatars and the main actors as the characters which would be pretty cool.

But, it would be costly, like very very costly.


Cyberpunk 2077, another game announced will have Keanu Reeves as a character in the game. And hosting known celebrities to come in games is really costly even for one actor, let alone the whole cast.

There shouldn’t be any problem.

Technically, people shouldn’t have any problem with the looks as they are amazing and totally fit the character even if it doesn’t match what they expected.

Also, there’s a different storyline.


Obviously, there are so many comics for the Avengers that Marvel has infinite storylines to show and this one is different, so there can always be different Avengers in different timelines and storylines.

To be honest only Black Widow actually looks like a joke.

But, apart from her, all the characters fit their job description and don’t at all disappoint. Hope, even she gets fixed by next year. The game isn’t complete yet, so, even other characters can change and be more presentable.

People should be happy rather than weirding out.


This gives customization options to the players and as the game developers say, there would be plenty of them when the game comes out. The creators also said that they tried to bring the original looks of the characters in the game from the comics.

All the Cartoon, Movie and The Game Versions are different.

We should actually be happy that we’re getting more stories to follow up on in different forms of media rather than just repeating one with the same actors.

Someone compared the game characters to Doubles.

As much as this is funny, it’s worth noting that even if the characters aren’t from the movies, their looks resemble the ones from the movie somehow but still not being exact same. The developers might have just mixed them up for better results.

The game is amazing and the gameplay even better.

So, the biggest fuss is nothing, if the gameplay is amazing and the story even better, does it even matter? According to the people who saw the 25-minute private gameplay screening, it’s something they’re itching their hands to play but only the cinematic trailer is out for the general public now so we have to take their word for it.

I can hope that this game would be pretty badass after some much-needed fixes to the character faces and just can’t wait for it to finally release!


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