Tyrion Lannister’s Doppelganger From Pakistan Is Now An Actor!


Game Of Thrones ended with an amazing pitch although, not everyone was happy with the show’s ending it was still worth all the wait and the hype. Many actors who played their respective characters are nowadays just known by their characters even if they played more than just that. The show’s popularity also started many careers. Peter Dinklage, the actor playing Tyrion Lannister apparently had a doppelganger if you remember. Well, we have a piece of good news for you if you were rooting to see him on the screen just like his counterpart after he went off screen as Tyrion. Yes! This man from Pakistan is now an actor and people just love it.

Tyrion Lannister Was Fan Favorite.

Everyone loved him and his witty jokes and how he kept averting wars until the final one.

Luckily, he didn’t die as well!


And became the hand of the king like he was always supposed to be.

Apparently, he has a doppelganger.



This man looks just like him and was viral a couple of months ago.

Rozi Kahn, the doppelganger is from Pakistan.


His life has just become so much better since he was in the spotlight for resembling Tyrion.

The best part, both of them are dwarves.


Well, technically not the best part, but that makes them look similar so it counts.

Khan is a waiter by profession.

And that’s exactly when someone visiting might have noticed him resembling the famous character.

Recently, Rozi made his acting Debut!


He can be seen in a Pakistan commercial inspired by Game of Thrones.

He even has a wig and dress and looks exactly like the actor.

You can just see the resemblance except for the skinny part of course.

The commercial is of a Food Review show.

He is seen going to different restaurants and tasting food from all of them.

The ad is really good and is getting viral on the internet.


In this, he is seen using lines from the show and customers wanting autographs or photos with him, this show is just a good start for Rozi and a great career change for him as well.

We can wish him luck for the future and hope him and Peter meet someday soon.


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