Irritable Girlfriends Make Men’s Life Happier, Studies Confirm!


People in a relationship often complain about not being happy in it because their partners fight way too much. But, more than women complaining about their male partners fighting it is really the other way around. Men, tend to have lots of complaints about their girlfriends being irritable and being prone to fights. But, did you know that studies have confirmed that irritable girlfriends tend to make men lead healthier lives?

These studies have confirmed that men who have irritable girlfriends tend to lead a happier and healthier life!

Michigan State University and the University of Chicago have conducted these studies with 1,228 people and their partners to understand how happy or satisfied are they in their relationships.

irritable girlfriends

But, the results of these studies conducted had a major deviation from what they intended.

irritable girlfriends

Angry people tend to destroy the peace in any relationship, that may be true in some cases of things get out of control.

irritable girlfriends

But, the benefits of having a girlfriend who likes to exercise control over the vast majority of things can actually help you avoid diabetes for a really long time.

irritable girlfriends

The answers regarding the quality of the relationship definitely varied from gender to gender. The women said that a positive environment and keeping their calm yield much better results in a relationship and affected them in a positive way.

But, what surprised the experts were the answers they received from the men. They said that the women who tend to be more controlling and have an irritable personality tend to help them work better.

A strong headed independent woman will value herself and her decisions more than anything, and they aren’t hesitant in throwing open criticism at their partners which help them improve.

They also said that the women who don’t stay quiet and fight it out give no room to misunderstandings in the relationship. The physical attraction is intense too due to these fights.

The studies found that men who are in a relationship with a demanding woman tend to be more healthy as they have the least of chances to be diabetic. The constant demands and complaints regarding their partner’s health and work schedule are indicative that their partner is concerned about their health.

Intelligent women who constantly keep their partners on their toes know how to use their persuasive skills effectively, this not only makes them be more attentive towards their partner but also makes them healthier.


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