The Story Isn’t Over Yet, Stranger Things Season 4!

  1. Everything you need to know about stranger things Season 4

There are some truly central issues left hanging following season three’s hazardous 77-minute finale, ‘The Battle of Starcourt’. In any case, despair not, the Netflix science fiction horror will be back for season four. This implies those remaining details you’ve been losing rest over will be resolved, or so we trust in any case.

Strangers Things

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2. Strangers Things Season 4 releases a new teaser

Season three wrapped up on an incredibly enthusiastic note as Joyce, Will and Jonathan got together their home in Hawkins and bounced in an expulsions van with Eleven close by following Hopper’s evident passing. Even though fro. the teaser, Hopper seems to be very alive in Russia.

Stranger Things

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3. The fourth season

We don’t have the foggiest idea where they’re going yet with a fourth season on the cards, they’ll be back. Whatever impediments are tossed at them, the group consistently figures out how to rejoin and make all the difference. There’s additionally one extremely enormous change: Eleven has apparently lost her supernatural powers, incapable to try and lift her teddy bear off the first shelf of her closet. On second thoughts, perhaps we don’t need Eleven’s forces to return if this fan hypothesis is anything to pass by.

Stranger Things Season 4

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4. There are plenty of fan theories that can possibly depict the Stranger Things season four

“If Eleven is infected, the Mind Flayer can control her like it did with Billy, Will and the flayed.”

“Which was to eventually destroy her or use her to get more control/spread.” While that bodes well in principle, the key proof used to back it up is the way that a shadow can be seen on Eleven’s head in season three’s last scene. Does it seem as though the Mind Flayer’s outline or is it only a tree? The reality of the situation will become obvious eventually.

Stranger Things Season 4

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