These 18 Weird Couples Are Going To Make You Scratch Your Head!


Some matches are made in heaven, but some are made right here on Earth. But, let me tell you this, it isn’t often that you find someone who is ready to accept you with all your flaws. These weird couples are living proof that if you love someone there’s nothing else that matters except the person you’re in love with. You don’t care what the society thinks of you. But, what you do care about is how much the person loves you. Well, let’s have a look at these couples who are extremely weird yet in love.

These weird couples are gonna make you wonder whether matches are really made in heaven!

1. Um, okay, so do you lift him up to kiss you or do you bend down? Or maybe he needs a ladder!weird couples

2. I know that I shouldn’t be, But I’m really jealous of this girl. Just look at her boyfriend!

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3. I mean, why? It’s good that you found your love, but honestly, you should be paying attention to her health. This isn’t normal.

weird couples

4. Here we go again. Makes me remind of the Monster house couple. Well, good luck!

weird couples

5. I bet he wants her to spare some of her colors so that he stops looking like a ghost. weird couples
6. Why do they look like they just left a Halloween party? I mean this really look horrible!

7. Is he even legally allowed to date her? She does look like his mother. I mean why? and How?8. You definitely give me the Insidious creeps. Yikes!
9. Oh my God lady! Get up! Is your boyfriend even alive?
10. I don’t whether this is their natural skin tone or a tan gone horribly wrong. Nevertheless you look, creepy dude.

11. I bet on my soul he’s rich as hell. But buddy mind fixing your nose with that money?
12. Okay muscle man, and well, you. You look weirdly nice. Well, good luck to you as well.
13. One, why is he on a leash? Second, why is his face covered like he’s about to rob a bank and then go for a walk with you!
14. Okay, now that’s definitely weird. But she is so pretty. I hope love overcomes all the difficulties.
15. Um, what’s wrong with her face? I mean, is that a part of costume or?
16. Okay, here is another tall lady, thank god the guy isn’t as tiny as the others.
17. Hey, this reminds me of the time when I used to sit on my mother’s lap and pretend I was flying! But, okay, you’re strong I get it. Poor fellow.
18. Dude, you definitely need to visit a salon. I mean c’mon, why!
weird couples


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