These Brides Look Completely Unrecognisable After Their Wedding Makeup!


Your wedding day is definitely supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. Especially for the brides, more than the grooms, it’s you who has to look the prettiest. Now, let’s face it, with so many advanced makeup brands and perfect makeup shades that suit your color you can look completely flawless. But, have a look at these pictures that’ll actually make you believe in the power of makeup!

These brides look completely different after their wedding makeup!


On your wedding day, for a bride, the one person that can actually work wonders is a good makeup artist.


And by good I mean really good. Well, this Prizren, Kosovo based makeup artist can definitely work wonders when it comes to dressing up the bride for her special day.


Arber Bytyqi is definitely a man of many talents when it comes to makeup. His main focus lies in enhancing the bride’s facial features.

He maintains a strong presence in social media and has garnered massive 262k followers on Instagram.

He regularly uploads his work and you can be assured that they are one of its kind. Every woman that he grooms has her own personality and hence he has to set up the makeup according to their personality. Some like to go with the soothing calm makeup look others want something much bolder.

Arber’s parents weren’t much supportive of his decision of becoming a makeup artist since makeup is something that was considered to be the girl’s area of interest.

Well, Arber after completing his schooling got a master’s degree in Economics and went on his way to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a makeup artist.

He said that makeup was something he has always been very fond of. From a very young age, he used to draw girls’ eyes and fill in colors to find the perfect eyeshadow match.

While choosing the makeup look for his client, the first question that he asks is the occasion that they’re looking forward to. Whether they have any special requests as such or not. And the dress they’re going to wear also determines the kind of makeup look that he needs to prepare according to his client.

He has served over 1,000 brides, and the summer season is particularly very hectic for him and his team. They serve over 60 clients a day due to the rush.


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