These Are Some Coincidences In The World That Prove It Can Glitch Too


We all use technological gadgets nowadays too much and often end up overusing them or making them see problems within their system. These problems are termed as glitches that are found in devices we use, they are weird and irritating sometimes. The world, on the other hand, is an amazing place and doesn’t have any bugs in it, hence no glitches. But, well, we recently came across the concept that the world is also a system and it can glitch too! These can be coincidences that you might have noticed or some deja-vu or anything out of the normal.

Below are some coincidences in the world that can definitely prove that the world can glitch as well:

1. Wait… How is this possible?


Women wearing the same outfits and the same hairstyles could creep anyone out.

2. Deja Vu.


That too 5 folds is just too much of a glitch.

3. The Windows Glitch in Real life!


You wouldn’t count this as a glitch because nowadays that’s how colonies and houses are made initially.

4. Female Celebrity Version.


You could just have a real-life female version of yourself rather than just using those Snapchat filters.

5. What is that supposed to mean?

This just brings a lot of questions to my mind as to why this car is carrying half of itself when it’s not even a loading vehicle.

6. The Twin Prank.

Just wear the same clothes, come to same places acting as if you don’t know each other and copy each other. That’s it, I’m already running away.

7. The Class.

If I was ever in a class like this, I don’t even know if I should freak out or feel lucky for being around them.

8. Meeting Your Doppelgangers.

Not many people get to find their doppelganger while on this earth.

9. After Sales Scenes.

60% discount on the product on Black Friday and voila, you find the same product with everyone.

10. Tell me this was planned!


If it was not, I am another point close to proving the world can glitch as well!


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