These Illustrations Showing The Life After Marriage Are So Relatable


Life completely changes after marriage. You do not think about only yourself anymore you have someone else to attend to. The popular illustrator Yehuda Devir decided to share the struggles and moments of his married life with the world. People have connected to the comics so well that now he has 4.5 million followers.

1. The things you do for your wife

Life changes after marriage

Seems like he is the only one not enjoying.

2. Cleaning is hard

Life changes after marriage

Those hairs flying everywhere and getting stuck in the drains make your Sunday cleaning really hard.

3. The night after a fight

Life changes after marriage

You cannot just work out of the house when you are angry with our partner because now you are married. Even though you are angry you feel that bond.

4. When your wife is sick

Life changes after marriage

That’s the most vulnerable time because she is needy and wants you all the time. Basically, she becomes a baby and you got to treat her like one. Wrap her around the arms and cuddle all day.

5. The worst nightmare comes true when you forget an important date

Life changes after marriage

The only way out is to set a reminder for everything. Marriage can be tricky.

6. When the big guy is upset

Life changes after marriage

Sometimes the husband can also be vulnerable and in those times all they need is you by their side. Welcome to the perks of marriage.

7. I have nothing to wear

Life changes after marriage

Every morning she will take out that heap from her closet and still cannot decide what to wear.

8. Things we got to do to convince our partners

Life changes after marriage

Convincing a guy is pretty easy you know what to do. But girls take time and a lot of gifts.

9. When she has to cook on her own

Life changes after marriage

That scene is something you should wait for watching. While you are doing that remember one thing it’s better to keep your mouth shut because she is on fire.

10. When she is in the playful mood

Life changes after marriage

She will not let you work. She wants you only for herself.

11. When she does a mistake and acts all cute

Life changes after marriage

Now, can you resist that face? You just forget everything and want to kiss her.


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