These Pictures Of Friendships Prove That Friends Can Really Be Insane!


Friendships are insane, no seriously, believe me when I say this. They’ll do the most embarrassing stuff to annoy you. They’ll bite you whenever they feel like it, or slap you real hard on the back. They’ll take full advantage of you being drunk and never let you forget how you made a mess. But, they are the only ones that’ll stick with you through everything. No matter what mess you’re in, you can always count on your friends.

This hilarious pictures on friendships show what it means to have insane friends!

1. This is how these group of friends decided to dress up in Las Vegas.

2. This guy got drunk and his friends decided to get a life-size portrait of him from his drunk state. Explains about the look on his friends.
3. They found out a wonderful way of not having to change their position of umbrella with the sun.
4. He thinks he looks like Robert Pattinson, when his friends refused to agree with him he sent them this.
friendships5. Best friends are definitely what one needs, this guy promised he would dress up as an escort for Halloween if she got well soon. Well, looks like he kept his promise.
6. These best friends are getting married after three months, and he thinks this is their best picture so far!
friendships7. These guys take a themed picture after every No-Shave November. Nice going lads!

8. Friends never let you miss you out on the fun, no matter what they have to do.
9. Can’t come over for the trip? No problem I’ll just make do friend. 10. This guy stopped terrorists and got severely injured in the process. His friends decided to speak some sense into him through subtle humor!
11. They re-enacted the Games Catalog Fall from 1991. I’d say they did a pretty good job!
12. His wife didn’t let him go to his friend’s birthday. But they took him to it anyway!
13. Friends three but ticket only one? No problem we’ll just dress up like an oversized man.
14. Practicing balancing had never been so much fun. But, this is definitely hilarious!
15. Her grandson got her round sunglasses, now the whole group has matching sunglasses so they could rock them together!
16. That is definitely one of the most genius things done. She definitely owes her friend!
17. She sent this picture over to her friend who had a bad day and was looking for some comfort.

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