Thanksgiving Episodes From FRIENDS That Will Make You Crave For The Fest Even More!


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I bet everyone is excited about the same. Shall I make you crave a little more for it? When we say Thanksgiving, we cannot just ignore the FRIENDS episodes! They go together and many a time we wish to have a FRIENDS theme Thanksgiving… Many of us who didn’t know about the festival got to know about it only by this iconic show.

Every Thanksgiving episode from FRIENDS is just great and how much ever I tried, I could not rate them! I love them all… So, I am just listing out all of the Thanksgiving episodes season-wise and let you get into the mode of nostalgia!

1. Beginning with Season 1

The one where everybody’s plans to celebrate Thanksgiving screws up and they all end up celebrating it together! They are no less than one Family.

Thanksgiving Episodes in FRIENDS


2. The Ross’s Pros and Cons list

When everyone was just happy that Ross and Rachel got together, Rachel finds the list on the Thanksgiving day and that kinda makes the festive mood go way down! Not so “Mocolaty”? Right? Now, comaparatively this episode may be considered the worst Thanksgiving episode on FRIENDS! I mean, we can’t stand Ross-Rachel fight… Agree?

Thanksgiving Episodes in FRIENDSvia

3. Football!

The amazing episode! Football, Dutch girl, Geller cup and what not?

Thanksgiving Episodes in FRIENDS


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