Things We Should Avoid Doing On Facebook


3.Posts consisting of embarrassing photos of you or others

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This may be done on impulse but it will come to haunt you sooner or later. Also posting embarrassing photos of other people that may damage your relationship with the person. Whether it’s unflattering photos of your friends or snapshots from that series of bars you went to last weekend, it’s never a good idea to post photos that give the wrong impression of you or your friends.

4.Make available data relating to your financial or personal security

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You would think that nobody would share things like where they do their banking or what their stock portfolio looks like, but it happens. Especially with all the headlines of banks going bankrupt and stock prices plummeting during the 2008/2009 recession, it’s easy for an innocent Facebook comment to reveal too much about your personal finances. It’s easy to forget that what may seem like a harmless comment on a Facebook wall could reveal a great deal about your personal finances. It’s best to avoid that kind of talk altogether.


 5.Publically announcing you travel plans or constantly tagging you location

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If you announce that you are going away on vacation, you are basically informing people that your home is unattended and, therefore, an easy target for a break-in. You may be inadvertently revealing your location every time you upload a photo or post your thoughts. Giving out your location can be a bad move if you have acquaintances whom you’d prefer to prevent from tracking you down. And a post from the airport or your vacation destination can clue potential thieves into the fact that you aren’t at home and probably won’t be for a while.


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