This Artist Turned Plus-Sized Models Into Stunning Art To Celebrate Them


The Brazilian artist, Eduardo Santos, with the social media name, Edull loves curvy women and hence decided to turn his everyday plus-sized muses into animated pictures. Every century has its own ‘ideal’ body concept. But it’s time that we learn to accept every body shape and size as beauty comes in every form. His illustrations are not only incredible but also an inspiration to hundreds of curvy and chubby girls out there who are not yet comfortable in their own body. He is trying to spread the message of body positivity.

Image Source: Facebook

1. That happy and free vibe

artist turns models into art

She not only loves her body but also her femininity.

2. That confident walk down the steps

artist turns models into art

The confidence is well portrayed by the artist in his art.

3. The colour of the summer

artist turns models into art

That curly hair with that flowy dress and that beautiful smile go so well.

4. The Unicorn baby

artist turns models into art

She can surely be someone’s Unicorn.

5. Her body is her pride

artist turns models into art

A selfie turned into amazing art.

6. Look back and pose

artist turns models into art

Her legs and shoes are killing me right now.

7. Swimsuits and not for the skinny girls anymore

artist turns models into art

Even your bulges and curves are pretty if you are confident to wear whatever you want.

8. A Walk to Remember

artist turns models into art

She looks stunning with her open hair and flowy dress grabbing all the attention.

9. The cutest couple award goes to..

artist turns models into art

Her boyfriend loves her immensely and has never felt insecure about her body. That is the kind of positivity and support every girl needs in her life. A guy who loves her for her soul and not the body. Hence, the artist design to illustrate both of them, celebrating their togetherness and respect.

10. Summers are for swimsuits

artist turns models into art

And this girl is never ashamed to show her skin. She is perfect in her own eyes and we agree.


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