This Artist’s Illustrations Prove That Love Can Exist In Even The Most Mundane Things


It is a well-known fact that the monotony of our daily life can adversely impact our sweet relationship with our significant other. Our daily life might have many work-related issues, family responsibilities and hectic routine which sometimes can prevent one from loving their partner. It would be better for you to understand that loving your wife or husband by simply showing gestures of love and affection would help in the long run. Love and relationships are the vital base of humanity and our society. It is really natural that one would be dealing with them at least once in your life.

You can do several helpful small things to show your pure love to your partner. It is not your wife’s primary duty to make breakfast for you every single time. You can take the initiative and surprise her sometimes too. These small initiatives mean a lot to your partner and they will remember all those things forever.
After all, true love is all about sharing your everyday precious moments. Start cooking together with your wife or girlfriend as it would give you the perfect opportunity to share some valuable time together. Go for an outing together and make your day a memorable one by spending quality time.

For more ideas, you can go through all these cute comics by budding artist Philippa Rice below – which shows that true love exists and it shows itself in small things. Philippa’s work is undoubtedly cute and her designs are very minimalistic in nature but they will surely help you in adapting ordinary habits which can bring you close to your sweetheart. Philippa’s illustrations depict how she sees fondness and admiration in most minutes of things – something we can all learn to love as well.
There’s no perfect time to start, so go ahead and show respect and love to your partner.

If you liked her work, she also has a comic book titled Soppy out for sale on Amazon.

Image Credits: Philippa Rice


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