This Guy Caught His Girlfriend Cheating After He Traveled 2,400 KM to Surprise Her


The world is full of couples and partners and the stories of their love. It’s 2019 and with the development of the world, and people’s minds it’s really hard that you find someone who loves you with all their heart and proudly call that true love. That’s the reality and there’s nothing wrong about it as well, things change with time. What’s worse about today’s time is commitment and how it is a big deal nowadays. People cannot commit themselves wholly to each other with distractions and sometimes this leads to separation and loss of feelings. And then there are long-distance relationships that are just purely based on trust which is often seen as broken most of the times. Something similar happened with a guy who wanted to surprise his girlfriend with gifts and ended up heartbroken.

Below is the story of this guy who caught his girlfriend cheating:

The video of a man is getting viral recently.


This guy is dressed up as a bear and he came to surprise his girlfriend with his move.

What he saw was his girl in someone else’s arms.

He lifted his bear mask off to reveal his face to her girlfriend and to his shock just gets upset and start walking away from the girl.

The woman then ran behind her to try and convince him.


The guy just put his mask on while the woman followed him trying to hug him, which he constantly rejected after seeing his girl cheating.

The story behind the video is depressing enough already.


Apparently, it was found later that the guy and girl were in a long-distance relationship and it was the girl’s birthday.

And the guy traveled 2400Km to surprise her.

He ends up knowing his girl has been cheating behind his back and was shocked deliberately.

The internet has reactions to it of course.

The main video was posted by a Japanese account and people had many suggestions.

Technically yes.

This translates to “It’s a reverse surprise …”.

If someone wants to cheat distances don’t matter.

“Well, because I cheat even in the distance between Shizuoka and Tokyo.”

He put his mask back on to not show his feelings.

“The third piece’s purposely head covered and running”.

And there were some funny responses.



“If it were me, I abandoned her and went with her boyfriend.”


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