Cute Things Girls Do Unknowingly Which Make Guys Fall In Love With Them Even More


On the first dates, it doesn’t take much to impress a guy. Good hair with light makeup and a beautiful dress can do the charm. But as time passes and you get into a serious relationship, there are these cute things guys really like which girls thought they have never noticed.

Image Source: TIOY

1. Cute pouts

cute things girls do

Whenever she is angry or want something from you she will make those cute pouts with their lips which are so adorable you will be melted in seconds.

2. When girls wear their boyfriends’ clothes

cute things girls do

Girls generally do that just to feel your smell and sometimes to show that you and your clothes belong to them.

3. Hair twirling

cute things girls do

This is the most feminine thing girls do. Twirling that one lock of hair which falls on the face every time. Guys find this very cute and coy.

4. Looking into his eyes

cute things girls do

If you notice a lot of eye contacts knowingly or unknowingly, sure that the girl is into you.

5. Doing fun activities together

cute things girls do

Men generally get more attracted to women who share similar interests, who can be as adventurous and fun as them.

6. Sports lover

cute things girls do

Girls with interest in sports are a major attraction for guys. Even if a girl doesn’t like it they can join or support their partner. Guys really appreciate the effort.

7. Getting on their toes to reach something

cute things girls do

It is a major turn on for guys when girls get on their toes to reach something kept on height and when they can’t they ask for help.

8. Natural look

cute things girls do

Don’t get them wrong, they actually like it when you get dressed up and look glamorous. But when you roam around in the house without makeup it makes them realise that you are comfortable around them.

9. A good appetite

cute things girls do

A girl who eats whatever she wants without worrying too much about the diet our favorites of guys.

10. Drinking together

cute things girls do

It’s a good idea to bond over a drink and relax sometimes and just talk.


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