This Woman Goes Through 15 Surgeries In A Year To Look Like Barbie


Every one of us has had many things and dreams and desires we wanted to pursue since childhood. While some are childish and never make it to our lists when we grow up, and some on the other hands become our final dreams and land in our minds as things to do at least once in a lifetime. Some people though are determined even on the smallest things they wanted to achieve as a child and never give up on it. A woman recently went viral who claimed she looked like Barbie and lived her childhood dream of becoming so.

Below are the details of this woman who became a living barbie:

A woman named Andrea Ivanova had a dream to become Barbie.

She’s a college student and had a childhood dream of looking like Barbie.

She’s a Bulgarian.


This 3rd-year student achieved her childhood dream last year.

She went through 15 surgeries!


And that too in the span of 12 months.

Her dream isn’t completed practically.

She might have done her best in becoming barbie, we can clearly see she’s not.

Her lips are the biggest problem for her in achieving her goal.


Her lips are really weird and totally could scare anyone off.

She’s even harming herself for these lips.

She takes injections of hyaluronic acid whenever her lips deflate because she doesn’t want the perfection she thinks she has to go away.

In an interview, she said she’s happy with herself.


Which is the best and the only thing that matters in this case.

She also quoted her hard work.


‘Maybe over 15 procedures I’ve done since [early 2018]. I have not counted them, they may be more. At least once a month I went. I wanted to have exactly such lips as the pictures.’

So, this means nothing went wrong?

Yes, she exactly wanted these lips and had surgeries accordingly.

She is a living example of what happens when you blindly follow negative beauty standards.

She said, ‘Everyone has the right to live and look as they want, it is not necessary for everyone to fit a standard imposed by other people. It is a personal choice and I have never been afraid to express it!’

So, what do you think of this Human Barbie?



She might have achieved what she wanted to and that’s the positive side of this transformation.


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