Weird Changes The Government Asked Famous Movies to Make


Hollywood is the biggest movie producing thing we know and it’s best doing so. There are more than 1000 films released in Hollywood on a yearly basis. The most loved movies of Hollywood are the ones with action and stuff that aren’t found in local languages due to the high cost of production. And in most of these action movies where there are monsters, superheroes and what not there always is the showcase of the military, and with an important role as well. These military tanks, missiles that are shown in our favorite movies are provided by the military most of the times and hence it gives the government some kind of power to conduct how they are used. There have been many instances that the government has asked movie producers to have changes that are weird and unexpected.

Below are some weird changes that the government asked famous movies to make:

Jurassic Park III.


Remember when in Jurassic Park III, the engineered dinosaur killed the mercenaries within seconds and escaped. This scene was supposed to be the military losing against the genetically engineered dinosaur but the government went against it. So, the scriptwriters had to bring in the mercenaries and showcased the military as rescuers, in the end, saving our heroes.

Iron Man.

Many marvel movies including Iron Man need military equipment because of their high action stuff. While Iron Man was shot, there was a line by Rhodey that  said, “kill themselves for the opportunities he has.” This was objected by the government. Although it never made to the final cut as the whole scene was removed after Robert Downey Jr. improvised the whole movie.

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines.


General Brewer was a good character who helped heroes with the last act. The government liked it and gave approval. But, soon after that, the moviemakers turned the general into a negative character and government withdrew all the support even after giving it in writing. Then at the end, the makers had to settle for they initially began with.

Forest Gump.


Forest Gump isn’t something that the military would like to agree in the first place but it still manages to run just fine. The early script was exactly the same as the book and hence the Vietnamese being killed by the military were too much but they were removed later. The most important change although was Forrest and Bubba when low-IQ men were sent to fight more than general army recruits which was called as Moron Corps. The movie didn’t erase it like they were supposed to but integrated them with other soldiers which were more acceptable for some reason.


Hulk was a military experiment but the government didn’t want him to be that as they didn’t want to remind people of it experimenting on real people or creatures and hence he was converted by an Ex-military which was then approved.

The Jackal.


This movie is all about the FBI, and the snipers. This movie had some original FBI snipers and was approved only in the case that snipers were changed to marines. They wanted to depict that Marines are the best.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

This movie has a scene where a military vehicle’s brakes fail and it lands into civilians of Kabul. The military disagreed showing it as the military, and only vowed to support it if it was changed from military to some different organization.

Independence Day.


The department of defense has supported many movies that involved aliens invading earth, but they turned down Independence Day. The problem with this movie was that it had UFO’s and the military has long denied the existence of UFO’s and hence they were against the movie even if it involved them saving the citizens in the time of need.

Tomorrow Never Dies.

The movie was released in 1995 when America and Vietnam had just restored diplomatic relations. There was a line, “You know what will happen. It will be war, and maybe this time we’ll win.” which was removed later because it could start tensions between the countries again.

The Core.



The core’s main reason was the weapon that could stop earthquakes but then stop the core from working. This was supposed to be made by the US but they didn’t agree in doing so. Then, after lengthy negotiations, it was later settled at some other country making it first and US building it later to counteract what damage the other country could do. Both of them fail obviously but it didn’t compromise US military so they were fine with it.


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