Ever Thought How Queens Used To Attract Kings In The Past?


Queens of the past had the beauty and guts to stand up to kings and attract them.  However, unlike today where a woman totally rules over the man. Back in the past, kings were comparatively crueller and wanted total control over everything related to them. In such age, what would a woman do to attract kings? As much hard it sounds, Ranis of the past were smart enough to do so with ease. Actually, even better than modern age women!

how did queens attract kings in the past
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What was the reason behind their seducing abilities? FIND IT OUT!

Queens Were Bitwitching!

WHY: The beauty of queens back in the day was unmatched. From gold jewelry to alluring clothes. Remembering an incident, the famous Muslim ruler Alauddin Khilji attacked Chittorgarh just to marry Rani Padmavati.

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What Was The Secret of Their Beauty?

WHAT: Because of the absence of polluted air, queens had a very fair light complexion back in the past. Combined with fresh fruits and healthy nutrients, their physique was mouth watering. Queens were even eating medicines prepared by Vaidya to maintain their figure.

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Count on these natural hacks that previously helped those beautiful queens back in the day to attract kings:

Rose Water Bath

Queens in the past would pour rose petals in the bath water that helped them in getting a natural glow and a velvety soft skin.

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Madeira (Beer)

In the ancient times, queens prepared face packs mixing milk powder, lemon juice, and egg white in Madeira to get rid of dead skin and harshness in order to make it softer.

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You may take it funnily, but queens back in the followed a particular rule: ‘You need to break walnuts in order to attract your king to crack their hole’. Why? Because Walnuts can help in retaining young skin.

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Donkey’s Milk

In addition to rose water, Ranis used to bath in olive oil and honey mixed with donkey’s milk to avert any ageing issues.

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Wearing Ittar ensures that you smell well. If you smell well, your king treats you well.

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Avocado Mask

The mask used to help queens in removing marks and blemishes from their skin and additionally helped them to get a curvaceous body.

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