15 Dark Secrets About ‘FRIENDS’ That Producers Didn’t Want You To Know!


You remember FRIENDS, right? Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross? Central Perk? “We were on a break”? The show that feels, in its way, as iconic a relic of the 1990s as do Nirvana. FRIENDS is undoubtedly one of the most beloved TV series of all times. It ended a decade ago and people still watch the show on different channels, Netflix etc. The show focused on the lives of all of its lead characters and left enough room for them to grow, and we absolutely loved all the characters and their epic sense of humor. We have seen all seasons and all the episodes but still there were few things and secrets that FRIENDS producers didn’t want us to know. You wanna know what were they? Let’s find out.

Here are the FRIENDS secrets that producers didn’t want you to know. Take a look!

1. Mind blown?

The actor who played Frank, Phoebe’s half-brother, is Giovanni Ribisi. He appeared in the show before, the episode where Phoebe had to sing on the street and he accidentally dropped a condom in Phoebe’s guitar case.

FRIENDS secrets


2. Joey and Monica

The show initially attempted to write a storyline for the relationship between Joey and Monica. Luckily, they decided to go in a different direction and chose a different route.

FRIENDS secrets


3. Can you imagine Phoebe without Lisa Kudrow?

The role of Phoebe was originally written as a gothic character. Initially, the role was offered to Janeane Garofalo, who rejected the offer.

FRIENDS secrets 


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