These Tricks And Hacks Are Definitely Going To Make Your Next Snapchat Story More Interesting.


With winters and Christmas at your doorsteps, you will surely have a lot of Snapchat stories to upload. So here are some tips, tricks and hacks to help you make those snaps more alluring.

1. Multiple filters.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat


Wondering how? Keep holding one finger on the screen as you as use your other fingers to swipe left and right to add filters. But remember to lift your finger while choosing and one thing important to remember is that filters don’t overlap.

2. Pen colours.
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To get access to a huge range of colours, tap on the colour bar move your finger all over the screen.

3. Creating own geofilter.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat via

Some tricks and hacks in Snapchat are very helpful like this one. A geofilter can be created with the help of a transparent PNG file with pixel dimension of 1080×1920 under 300 kB file size.

4. Save mobile data.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat via

I’m sure this is among one of the unknown hacks. If you turn on the Travel Mode from settings it will help you to save data by restricting the stories from auto loading until on WIFI.

5. Using characters to frame a snap.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat via

For example, an O will create an oval shape and A will create a triangular border. For this one of the most recently found out hack, you need to choose your snap and create a 1 letter caption with the largest text size. Keep enlarging it until it creates a border around the picture.

6. Changing the colours of individual letters.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat via

Want to make things a little more fun? Snapchat actually is a platform where a lot of hacks and tricks can come to use to awe other users. To get the largest size text tap on T icon. Select one colour to start with. Tap on any letters and click the Select option. Then choose another colour and follow the same procedure.

7. To know who has viewed your story.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat  via

One of the easiest hacks but you still didn’t know. Swipe up from the bottom of a story to know who has viewed your story or has taken a screenshot.

8. You can send money to anyone on Snapchat.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat via

Aren’t you’re surprised yet to know about all this tricks, tips and hacks? This one is sure to amaze you more. By typing any amount in a chat window with a dollar sign, and you will see a secret green Add Cash button appears. You can easily link your credit card option here.

9. Add a soundtrack to your snaps.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat

Some tricks and hacks are sure to make your snap life easier. Play any music in another window and shoot your snap video.

10. Sticker in motion.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat via

Select a sticker and keep holding it on a moving object until it gets pinned. This way in your snap, when the object moves the sticker moves along with it.

11. Show your stories only to people you want.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat via

Choose Custom For My Story from Who Can section in the Settings.

12. Add nearby friends.
Tricks and hacks for Snapchat via

Want to party? Going to the Add Friends option just turn on location tracking and you will get a list of nearby users.


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