From Being The Cool Dudes To The No-Nos – 8 Different Types Of Parents We Know


8 Types of Parents in the World

They come in various forms, they have different temperaments, and they are sometimes extremely volatile so engage with caution. Who am I talking about? Parents obviously!

Come on, we’ll now list out the various ‘TYPES OF PARENTS’ species out in the world:

  1. The Cool Combo

They are the best kind out there and an extinct species and know everything about you from your first crush to your latest BF/GF. They know scaring you to death won’t work, so they trust the kid they raised.

Types of Parents in the World
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  1. The Hitler Pair

Rules buddy. They are all about strictness, rules and scaring their kids. You shake like a twig even if they are mentioned to you. They would probably control your breathing if that were possible.

Types of Parents in the World
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