Unique & Exuberant Theme Weddings That Are Hilariously Funny


Why do people love theme weddings more than the regular weddings, if you ask? It’s because of the charm they hold. Firstly, the answer might be different depending on the type of theme wedding they want and trust me, all the answers that come are potentially right from their point of view. When I was 17 years old, I had planned my own wedding with an estimated budget, and I was even sure about who all should I be calling and what kind of arrangements do I need.

People do travel from one place to another place, and in destination weddings, you will even have the beauty around you. You can have the hills, the sea, the mountains and the amusing views with beautiful art around you. But, what if you’re one of those people who wanted more? Well, that’s where theme weddings come into the picture. As much as they are lovable, theme weddings can create an opportunity to enhance the amazing quotient of the wedding and create a new aura in and around us. But what if, these theme weddings fail? Or what if they are designed to be hilarious to make the audience laugh? Here are some of the best theme weddings that we could find which stood out as epic and boisterous. Have a look!

  1. A family full of Superheroes and Supervillains.

Funny Theme Weddings 01


2. To each on their own, complementing the other.

Funny Theme Weddings 02


3. Ever thought that Star War weddings can be cool?

Funny Theme Weddings 03


4. Okay, what?

Funny Theme Weddings 04


5. It must be really hot there.
Funny Theme Weddings 05


6. When you grow up watching Jurassic park.

Funny Theme Weddings 06


7. Pet lovers, ain’t you?

Funny Theme Weddings 07


8. The Beauty and the Beast.

Funny Theme Weddings 08


9. An ideal lifting of the bride.
Funny Theme Weddings 09


10. When you’re wild yet humorous.
Funny Theme Weddings 10


11. When you’re a hardcore Warcraft fan.

Funny Theme Weddings 11


12. Willy Wonka and the princess’ wedding.

Funny Theme Weddings 12


For most of the people, a wedding is not about showing the power, money or the status. It’s an excuse experience the beautiful things amongst the people you love. All the weddings have few things in common like the fresh seasonal flowers, beautiful bouquets and a yard filled with near and dear, the silk dresses slowing and the courses of food being exquisitely prepared. Some weddings have a music quartet while some of them have a person play the music that can soothe the mood. The wedding is that one day where it is entirely acceptable, even according to the social norms only to be surrounded by beauty and it alone.

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