15 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunction Of Famous Celebrities, Careful Celebs!


In the “celebrity world”, getting involved in a controversy is the story of every other day. But having a wardrobe malfunction in front of countless cameras pointing at you can be real nasty. From a slip up to wearing extra small dress, these celebs seem have done(read: shown) it all!

Here are 15 celebrities whose clothes threw their poise out of the window! Oops! Hilarious wardrobe malfunction.

#1 Tara Reid

Nobody is ever going to forget the wardrobe malfunction that happened at the red carpet of SEAN “P. DIDDY” COMBS’s 35th birthday party. The actress arrived in a satin Christian Dior gown, and was posing for the cameras, when her dress decided to go AWOL on her. The nip slip was quite the scandal that night!

wardrobe malfunctions


#2 Iggy Azalea

Well some people just happen to have a wardrobe malfunction on probably every alternative event. For example, rapper and singer, Iggy Azalea. The “big booty” singer accidentally revealed her assets at the MTV VMA’s, take a look at what happened!

wardrobe malfunctionvia

#3 Jennifer Garner

Secret to her flat tummy? Spanx! The actress was giggling and posing with her co-star Steve Carell at the Hollywood premiere of Alexander the Terrible, when her beaded clutch decided to reveal her secret!

wardrobe malfunctionvia 


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