15 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunction Of Famous Celebrities, Careful Celebs!


#13 Jennifer Lawrence

Nobody knows embarrassing moments like The Hunger Games actress. J-Law officially has had the worst wardrobe malfunctions ever. She was in a restaurant in Paris having dinner, when she went up to meet the famed directed Francis Ford Coppola, barefoot. Wait people there’s more to it, after she greeted everyone, she went back and realized that her whole dress was unzipped and her thong was out! And she absolutely had no idea!

wardrobe malfunction


#14 Nicki Minaj

What’s a VMA award without a wardrobe malfunction? This time the credit goes to Nicki Minaj. The singer had just reappeared on stage after what was meant to be a super-quick costume change. However, it appeared that it was a case of ‘more haste, less buttons, no zip’ and poor Ms Modesty Minaj was left to attempt to hold her ensemble together for the remainder of her song, lest she scare the younger members of the global audience.

wardrobe malfunctionvia

#15 Hayden Panetierre

This was the first event Hayden was attending after Postpartum rehab, but this didn’t work out well as the actress had a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet of the Critics Choice Awards.

wardrobe malfunctionvia


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