What Happens When We Become Too Comfortable In A Relationship?


California based comic artist Mary Park has taken to artistic illustrations to show the uncanny side of a relationship that starts once the newness fades away and these cartoon strips are funny and relatable as hell.

There comes a point in a relationship when you are not afraid to show your weird and filthy side and that’s exactly the point when you can confirm that you and your partner are now super comfortable with each other.

The start of a relationship is full of guessing games and butterflies. It is the mysterious side of the other person that draws us towards them. The excitement, the newness, the thrill – all play a vital role in making us fall for a person sooner than later.
The real amusement in a relationship though begins after the shiny stage has passed away.

From leaving the courtesies and etiquettes behind, to downright being nasty in front of your partner, there are a lot of true characteristics that start making appearances once we are too comfortable in a relationship.

Somehow it is this weird stage that warrants us a long term association. Once we are okay with the off-putting side of our partner, it means that we love them no matter what and are willing to do whatever it takes to survive their not so charming side. At the end of the day, our relationships are made of ups and downs that we conquer together.

Going by the pseudo name of Murrz, Mary regularly posts her shenanigans on Instagram and Webtoon and also have a website to her name. Though she is fairly new in the comic art industry, her work is impeccable.

Scroll down to see some of Mary’s best work below. Her illustrations surely carry an uncanny resemblance to our day to day life with our partner.


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Image Credits: Murrz


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